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Meditation represents our online journal that encompasses a wide range of articles spanning life, mental health, psychology, and performance.

We now live in a world where our lives are often punctuated by the cacophony of modernization. It has perhaps become easier now to live a busy life, but quite difficult to lead a peaceful one. We know more about the world outside of us, than the one within. And therefore, it is essential that we chip away at our notions of what constitutes a good life and give meaning to our actions. With this in mind, I’m hoping that the articles featured in this collection will offer you clarity, guidance, and a sense of joie de vivre.

What does Meditation mean?

In Vedic philosophy, Meditation [Sanskrit: ध्यान (Dhyāna), विचार (Vichāra)] refers to the disciplined practice of deliberation by focusing the mind on a particular thought or activity and training the senses to achieve mental clarity and emotional stability. And so, with this journal, I’m hoping that this space will offer you a sense of tranquility, refuge, and anchorage!

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Send a message at Work with Me (and choose ‘Contribute to Meditation’ in the subject). You may also attach a draft of your work.

You can learn more about me here and my research interests here.

Meditation with Dr Dev Roychowdhury

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If you are interested in contributing a piece to Meditation, please send a message at Work with Me!

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