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Meditation[Blog] represents our online journal that encompasses a wide range of articles spanning life, mental health, psychology, and performance. I’m hoping that the articles featured in this blog collection will offer you clarity, guidance, and a sense of joie de vivre.

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  • 5 ways to re-build your life post-pandemic
    COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly everything. Post-pandemic life may be challenging, unpredictable, divergent, and even fun. Here are 5 ways we can rebuild our lives post-pandemic.
  • Mindfulness Practices to stay Healthy during Lockdowns and Crisis
    Mindfulness practices can provide a range of health benefits for individuals who are currently experiencing COVID-19 confinement and unable to reap the health benefits that physical activity and movement provide.
  • Resolving COVID-19 lockdowns
    What is the best way to resolve COVID-19 lockdowns and why you should know more about the famous Train Problem and Game Theory?
  • Mindfulness: Spiritual Transcendence or Neoliberal Scam
    Mindfulness, stripped of its foundational roots, has been repurposed as an elixir for all the evils of the modern society. However, a closer look reveals a much fragmented reality.
  • Understanding Motivation in Physical Activity
    Motivation plays a vital role in why people engage in different forms of physical activity – from sport and exercise to dance and yoga. This article focuses on three aspects of motivation: definition of motivation, perspectives on motivation, and theories of motivation (in exercise and sport contexts).
  • Understanding Physical Activity
    Physical activity plays a vital role in maintaining sound physical and psychological health and well-being. Despite the well-documented benefits, a large proportion of the world population do not engage in regular physical activity.
  • What is Mental Health and Why it Matters?
    Investing in your mental health means your present self values, respects, and cares about your future self. Invest in your self, one day at a time!

We now live in a world where our lives are often punctuated by the cacophony of modernization. It has perhaps become easier now to live a busy life, but quite difficult to lead a peaceful one. We know more about the world outside of us, than the one within. And therefore, it is essential that we chip away at our notions of what constitutes a good life and gives meaning to our actions.

What does Meditation mean?

In Vedic philosophy, Meditation [Sanskrit: ध्यान (Dhyāna), विचार (Vichāra)] refers to the disciplined practice of deliberation by focusing the mind on a particular thought or activity and training the senses to achieve mental clarity and emotional stability. And so, with this journal (blog), I’m hoping that this space will offer you a sense of tranquility, refuge, and anchorage!

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