Perspective with Dr Dev Roychowdhury

Perspective refers to a way of seeing things that balances criticality with equipoise and helps develop insight and wisdom.

5 ways to re-build your life post-pandemic

Post-pandemic life may be challenging, unpredictable, divergent, and even fun. Here are 5 ways you can rebuild your life post-pandemic.

Mindfulness practices to stay healthy during lockdowns and crisis

Mindfulness practices can provide a range of health benefits for individuals who are currently experiencing confinement/lockdowns and crisis.

Mindfulness: Spiritual Transcendence or Neoliberal Scam

Mindfulness, stripped of its foundational roots, has been repurposed as an elixir for all the evils of the modern society. However, a closer look reveals a much fragmented reality.

Resolving COVID-19 lockdowns

What is the best way to resolve COVID-19 lockdowns and why you should know more about the famous Train Problem and Game Theory?

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