About Dr Dev Roychowdhury

Dr Dev Roychowdhury is a researcher, advisor, and consultant in mindfulness, mental health, and sport and exercise psychology. He is currently serving as the Research Scholar and Chief Consultant at DR ACADEMY, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. He possesses proficient lecturing, research, and industry experience.

In academia, Dr Dev Roychowdhury has taught at Monash University and Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. He has an innovative, effective, and engaging teaching philosophy which empowers students with critical thinking tools that enrich their learning experience and enhance academic performance and excellence. He has also been particularly effective in providing mentoring and supervision to graduate students and researchers in their academic journeys. Furthermore, he has been practicing and teaching mindfulness for over a decade.

Additionally, Dr Dev Roychowdhury takes keen interest in research and is actively involved in scholarly activities. He is regularly invited to present at international conferences and collaborate on research projects. He has also published articles in high-impact journals that span the areas of mindfulness, motivation, physical activity, and sport and exercise psychology. Additionally, his research interests also include mental health, resilience, psychotherapy, critical pedagogy, and translational research. You may find some of his thought experiments in the Meditation page.

Furthermore, Dr Dev Roychowdhury continues to work as a consultant and expert in providing a diverse range of solutions to individuals and organisations. He has a proven record of leading complex projects, building relationships with internal and external stakeholders, collaborating on research projects, managing undertakings from concept to completion, and designing effective strategies and course content. He has worked with a wide variety of patrons from students, professional athletes, and managers to performers, business directors, CEOs, and multinational companies. If you’re interested in consulting with him, please fill out the form Work with Me.

Finally, Dr Dev Roychowdhury has accrued specialist knowledge in his domain and has served in myriad executive and leadership positions. He has served as a Commissioned and Uniformed Army Officer in the Royal Australian Army within the Australian Defence Force. He has also been elected to serve as an Executive Member of the Managing Council of Asian South-Pacific Association of Sport Psychology and Guest Editor of Asian Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.


research; mindfulness; motivation; lecturing; higher education; academic management; course development; administration; coaching; mentoring; consulting; leadership; mental health solutions; psychotherapy; applied psychology; sport and exercise psychology; project development and implementation.

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