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Khelo Kabaddi

Khelo Kabaddi


Khelo Kabaddi is a competition organised as part of a research project in India.

Understanding Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a contact team sport that originated in India and is played between two teams of seven players.

You may learn more about Kabaddi here: Introduction to Kabaddi

Project Lead

Dev 'Rōy' Roychowdhury

Project Aims

The primary aim of the research is to focus on using sport for social development.

Aim 1: Can intergroup contact, through organized physical activity, build social cohesion?

Aim 2: Whether meaningful contact between groups can build social cohesion?

Aim 3: And whether meaningful contact can change actual behaviours toward the out-group in lasting ways?

Project Requirements

Amateur kabaddi players aged 18 years and older
Access to kabaddi court
Duration of the league: 2 months 
All players (10 players per team for at 10 teams) would have the same baseline skill
Volunteers to help set-up the tournament


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What does 'Khelo' mean?

The name “Khelo” means “play” in Hindi, emphasizing the project’s focus on sports and play as tools for transformation.

How long will this project run for?

Three months

Do I need skills in kabaddi?

You will need to have enthusiasm for and basic understanding of kabaddi!

What age groups are eligible for Khelo Kabaddi?

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this project.

Is there a registration fee for Khelo Kabaddi?


What equipment do I need to participate in Khelo Kabaddi?

Khelo Kabaddi will typically require minimal equipment. Participants will need comfortable athletic clothing, sports shoes, and a willingness to have fun!

Will you provide kabaddi gear and apparel?

Participants wil be provided with jerseys.

Is Khelo Kabaddi open to beginners?

Yes! Khelo Kabaddi encourages participation from everyone. It’s a great way to learn and enjoy kabaddi.

Are there any safety guidelines for playing Khelo Kabaddi?

Safety is a priority. Participants will follow basic kabaddi safety rules, such as wearing appropriate gear and avoiding dangerous tackles.

How can I get involved or support Khelo Kabaddi?

If you’re inspired by this project, consider exploring ways to participate, contribute, volunteer, or donate.


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